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Afholdt 19 demands by Nordic youth to save biodiversity: Roundtable with Nordic political leaders & youth

3000 Nordic young people have taken a stand, proving their serious concerns about the biodiversity crises.

They have distilled their thoughts down to a Nordic Youth Position Paper with 19 action points to save biodiversity.

The world needs a much more ambitious work plan to halt species loss and restore biodiversity. It’s time for a ‘Paris Agreement for nature’. Are Nordic political leaders ready to take charge?

On 2 June, The Position Paper will be launched and discussed at a Roundtable with Nordic young people, Nordic ministers for environments and parliamentarians. Please join in!

The program will be in two parts:
1. A livestream launch & panel debate  
2. A deep-diving intergenerational dialogue

You are welcome to engage in both parts. 

Meet the panel:

Rebecka Le Moine, Member of Parliament, Sweden, Green Party

Krista Mikkonen, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Finland, Green League

Alfons Röblom, Minister of Development, Åland, Sustainable Intitative

Emma Susanna Turkki, Nordic Youth Biodiversity Network

Gustaf Zachrisson, Nordic Youth Biodiversity Network


Participating politicians for the breakout rooms.



Ole André Myhrvold (Sp), Medlem av Utvalget for et holdbart Norden i Nordisk Råd


Nils Aage Jegstad (H), Medlem av Utvalget for vekst og utvikling i Norden i Nordisk Råd


Ketil Kjenseth (V), Ordfører av Utvalget for for et holdbart Norden i Nordisk Råd




Angelica Bengtsson (SD), Viceordfører, Utvalget for kundskab og kultur i Nordisk Råd


Cecilie Tenfjord Toftby (M), Medlem, Utvalget for et holdbart Norden i Nordisk Råd





Sofie Geisler (IA), Medlem, Utvalget for et holdbart Norden i Nordisk Råd


Kim Kielsen (S), Nyt medlem af Nordisk Råd, endnu ikke medlem af noget udvalg




Bertel Haarder, (V), President, Nordisk Råd

Rasmus Jarlov (K), Medlem Utvalget for kundskab og kultur i Nordisk Råd



The Position Paper is a result of a long series of workshops throughout the Nordic Region, discussions, knowledge-building webinars, meetings and a survey Nordic young people. Learn more about the position paper here: https://www.norden.org/en/publication/nordic-youth-position-paper-biodiversity 

Please learn more about the process here: www.norden.org/sv/information/ung-och-miljoengagerad-du-kan-paverka-fns-avtal-om-biologisk-mangfald

In the lead-up to the UN Biodiversity Summit in October, the Position Paper will be used to push decision makers around the world to prioritize young people’s biodiversity demands.

Gratis, men tilmelding kræves (begrænset antal pladser)

2.-19. juni 2021